Reimagine IT! 

Our Client Profile is Simple: You

Look around your business. Do you have a server? Do you have multiple users of your computer systems?

Chances are you said “YES.” That means we can help you.

AntWorks ProTech serves many different types of businesses who need technology to support the needs of their associates and customers. Unfortunately, many companies try to save money by entrusting their IT support to an internal resource who already wears too many hats. Or, they outsource this critical function to a part-time technology wiz. With the inevitable system crash, intrusion or failure that disrupts their business, they soon realize the limits of this strategy.

AntWorks ProTech can help you raise your IT support to the next level. We have the capabilities to either supplement your existing IT, or serve as your entire IT division.

  Insurance brokers
  Banks and credit unions
  Medical and dental practices
  Colleges and Universities
  Non-profit and charitable entities
  Governmental and economic development bodies
  Printing and publications
  Manufacturing and industrial businesses

We are Lynchburg's most reliable Technology Solutions Company, with 4 locations and clients in 41 states.  Founded in 1978, the continual evolution of our services and abilities may even outpace the speed of change within the industry.

Serving clients since 1978 with the highest quality IT service. Call today to see how the professionals with AntWorks ProTech can serve you.


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