AntWorks ProTech can have your data storage device destroyed to ensure that you and your business remain compliant with all regulations and keep your client’s information and your sensitive business data out of the wrong hands.

If you have confidential data on a device that is ready for recycling, is it safe to simply delete the files from the hard drive and send it to the recycling center?



Even the most novice of criminals can find and restore this data in a very little bit of time.  Disposing of a device in this manner may even constitute a HIPAA violation and possibly carry the maximum penalty for noncompliance. 

Hardware that can retain confidential data:

§  Hard Drives

§  Solid State Drives

§  Servers

§  Printers

§  Scanners

§  Tablets

§  Smartphones

§  USB Flash Drives / Jump Drives

§  SD cards

§  DVD’s

§  Storage Tapes

§  Floppy Disks

(The previous list in not 100% inclusive or exhaustive.)

Just as any paper records that fall into a restricted, regulated category must be shredded by a reputable source, your electronic devices containing secure data must be disposed of properly.  Even reformatting the hard drive does not completely remove this data from the hard drive. 

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