For as little as $2 a day, ProCare can monitor your entire computer network infrastructure discovering and reporting issues so that they can be fixed before turning into costly problems.  In addition to monitoring the overall health of your systems, ProCare checks to see if the backups were successful, that your antivirus software and definitions are up-to-date, that your servers and PCs are properly patched against the latest security vulnerabilities and much more.

ProCare Performs the following checks and scans which are monitored and reviewed daily by our skilled technicians:

Daily Server Safety Check™ – Automatic check of your backups and anti-virus definitions.

  Daily Server Health Check™ – Monitors disk health, critical event logs, hacker attacks, email systems, network device operability and file and folder sizes.

  Real-Time Server and Network Monitoring – Continually keeps watch over critical parts of your system, including server health and performance, disk space, network speed and connectivity, web page availability and vital Windows services.

  Patch Management – Automatically performs “patch” updates for such applications as Adobe, non-Microsoft browsers, Java, Apple Apps and more, to plug any gaps that malware writers tends to exploit.

  Managed Antivirus – BitDefender Antivirus is deployed, monitored, updated, and administered by Antwork’s ProTech technicians who review antivirus scan results on a daily basis.

  Risk Intelligience – Optionally, enables companies to quickly and easily perform ongoing risk assessments within their IT environment, calculating the real-time risk of a data breach and assigning a monetary value to it.  Systems are scanned to determine where personal identifiable data (credit cards numbers, birth dates, licenses and Social Security Numbers) reside so that this information can be properly secured or removed  from your systems.






Choose ProCare for the ultimate in peace of mind and protection.



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