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The LEAST you should know about your anti-virus...

Question: Is it 'good enough' to have AV installed but not up-to-date?

In a word - NO.

 Let's use human viruses and vaccinations as an analogy... Assume two years ago you were vaccinated to protect yourself from every virus known to man. Let's also say those vaccinations last forever.

 Skip forward to the present. Are you protected against the mutations and new strains of virus that have been discovered in the last two years? No. Fortunately for you, human-borne viruses evolve and mutate much slower than computer viruses but you are still vulnerable to the handful of new viruses and strains. 

 Now - let's put this in computer terms... every day there are thousands of mal-intended code 'mutations' and alterations for your anti-malware software to account for... If your anti-malware software isn't up to date and your computers aren't being properly patched, you are highly susceptible to any new virus or malware that's out there. If you aren't sure about the state of your anti-malware and updating solution(s), give us a call. We can help you find out if you are adequately protected. If you think your business can afford significant downtime and possibly even lawsuits, you probably don’t need to worry about it. 

Question: What is a zero-day threat?

Zero-day threats, when talking in terms of computers, are newly discovered exploits or malware that have been found 'in the wild'. 'In the wild' simply means computers in the general population have been affected. Zero-day indicates there are not yet signatures to detect said exploits, and that makes the zero-day threat particularly dangerous. One of the best ways to avoid most exploits is to stay as updated as possible - this means ALL of your computer software – not just your AV solution. Another very good way to avoid these threats - even zero-day threats - is to practice making smart choices while computing. Click responsibly.


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