Virtualization is the latest buzz word in the world of IT.  So, what is it and how can virtualization benefit your company? Call the professionals with AntWorks ProTech today for a consultation on the best options for your needs!

With virtualization, a single physical server can be divided into multiple virtual servers.  Each virtual server is allocated a specified portion of the physical server’s disk space, memory and processor – resulting in superior utilization of the server’s resources while meeting the need to keep software applications on their own virtual servers. Virtualization also makes it easy to re-allocate the physical server resources as needs change, to backup and restore quickly, and to move a virtual server from one physical server to another.

The process of virtualization reduces the overall power consumption compared to operating multiple physical servers.  Virtual servers can also provide a company with platforms that can run multiple operating systems simultaneously from one physical server.  This is very important for companies that are utilizing legacy software packages that may be industry specific.  These benefits enable small businesses to realize economies of scale that were not attainable with individual physical servers.

Finally, when individual physical servers are used to separate sensitive applications, there typically is a plethora of unused capacity on these servers.  By virtualizing these applications, the IT professional can increase the effective and efficient usage of the server’s capacity.  Call today to see how AntWorks ProTech can Reimagine IT for you!


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